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Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, A Suspect In The Texas Murder Of An 11-Year-Old Girl, Was Apprehended In Louisiana

11-year old Texas Girl Raped and Strangled, Body Found Dump Under Father’s Bed After A Fatal Home Invasion Photo From: iStock

The man who was sought by Pasadena police for killing and sexually abusing an 11-year-old child in her apartment in the Houston area is reportedly in custody and will face murder charges. Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, 18, was named as a person of interest in the death of Maria Gonzalez by Pasadena police on Friday.

Victim’s Apartment As A Major Evidence

Garcia-Rodriguez was lodging in the same apartment building as Maria Gonzalez, according to PPD. During a press conference, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Bruegger stated that a key discovered in the victim’s apartment was an important piece of evidence.

The report stated, “Investigators processed the key and discovered it did not fit the victim’s apartment.” “Thereafter, they began looking through other apartments in the complex and discovered another apartment that had recently opened.”

That flat had been occupied by Garcia-Rodriguez. According to Bruegger, investigators discovered more proof that connected the 18-year-old to Maria Gonzalez’s demise.

The day Maria Gonzalez’s body was discovered, investigators spoke with Garcia-Rodriguez and took his DNA; but, according to Bruegger, they weren’t keeping an eye on him at the time.

The 11-year-old Maria Gonzalez lived in the Main Village apartment complex in Pasadena, Texas, with her father and Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, an 18-year-old who is suspected of killing and sexually abusing her. Garcia-Rodriguez was apprehended on Saturday after being discovered in Shreveport and is still being held for extradition.

What Happened?


Source: cbs news

Maria Gonzalez was at home alone on Saturday morning when someone knocked on her door, according to the police. After leaving for work, the girl texted Carmelo Gonzalez, her father. Carmelo Gonzalez reportedly advised his daughter not to answer the door, according to the AP. Maria Gonzalez declared that she would remain in bed and not do so. However, she didn’t return his calls.

According to authorities on Tuesday, Carmelo Gonzalez requested his brother and sister-in-law, who reside in the same apartment building, to see how his daughter was doing. When they got inside, they discovered items missing and the front door unlocked, but they were unable to locate her, the AP reported.

Upon his return home, Carmelo Gonzalez investigated the apartment and discovered his daughter wrapped in a trash bag and stashed inside a laundry basket beneath her bed. According to the police, the girl had been sexually raped and strangled to death.

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