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Lancaster City Police To Recruit New Officers Amid Staff Shortage

Lancaster Police Officers (Photo: WCCB)

The Lancaster City Police is currently looking for new officers as the number of retiring officers in the bureau is increasing. Lancaster City Police currently has 115 officers instead of the budgeted total of 145 officers.

Lancaster City Police Department (Photo: lancasterwisconsin)

Lancaster City Police Could Dip Less Than 100 Officers Within The Year

The Lancaster City Police Department is currently facing a staffing shortage as the number of retiring officers is increasing. They are currently down 30 officers, and it is predicted to increase. Some officers are also set to retire within this year.

Local News 21 – Todd Granger, a community sergeant in the Bureau, said that the Lancaster City Police might only have less than 100 officers in the near future if the number of retiring officers continues to increase without any replacements.

Thankfully, as of this moment, there’s no negative feedback yet from the community due to the Lancaster City Police officers’ shortage, says Sergeant Granger.

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Lancaster City Police Are Holding A Recruiting Open House

Due to the Lancaster City Police Department’s staffing deficit, they are now looking for new recruits for the department. According to Sergeant Granger, those who are interested can tour the station and ask the officers questions.

In a news article by WGAL News 8, the Lancaster City Police are changing their physical fitness test into an obstacle course. They are looking for more female officers in the department.

Sergeant Granger says that although there are multiple challenges to joining the Lancaster City Police Department, there are great benefits, including the “satisfaction to truly help somebody.”

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