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Lottery Winner Unveils $50,000 Jackpot Strategy, Chooses to Share Wealth for a Greater Cause

Powerball Lottery (Photo: FOX4 Kansas City)

Lucky Local Man Spills Secret: How His Longtime Trick Scored Him $50,000 Lottery Win

The Maryland Lottery is doing well, so winners can rest easy. (PHOTO: The US Sun)

Good move: Fego wins $50,000 after years of playing.

According to The US Sun, Fego, who lives in Maryland, won $50,000 on January 9 with a $2 lottery ticket. Fego said he has solved the code and played the game since 1980. What’s his secret? Picking numbers that stand out. After years of smaller prizes, this win with 5, 11, 18, 26, and 29 is his first big one. Fego can keep his win a secret, just like other winners in Maryland. Since 1973, Maryland’s lottery has given away a lot of different prizes. People who win, like Fego, have 182 days to claim their prize. For your information, the federal government charges 24% if you win more than $5,000, and Maryland charges 8.95%, or 8%.

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How do I get jackpot cash? Check your taxes and talk to a professional

It’s good that Fego is thinking about paying his bills and splitting the money with his brother. But watch out—Maryland taxes big wins. Anything over $5,000 is taxed, but the first $601 is not. People who live in Maryland pay 24% to the federal government and 8.95% to the state. People who don’t live in the country pay 8%. Talk to a financial expert before you spend your newfound cash.

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