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Maryland New Website Launch Causes Setback in Filing Process – Tax Refund Delays!

Delays in Tax Refunds Due to Maryland Tax Connect New Website Launch

Maryland New Website Launch. (PHOTO: WBAL)

Struggles Among Promised Improvements

Maryland new website launch online tax system called Maryland Tax Connect causing delays in tax refunds for some people according to WBAL TV. Larry Zwick, a small business owned  is frustrated with the new system because it’s hard to pay his business taxes. Even though the Maryland Comptroller’s Office says the upgrade is good for everyone Zwick and others are struggling with it. The Comptroller’s Office says they launched the new system at a time they thought would cause the least trouble during tax season. But people like Zwick and his employees are still waiting a long time for their refunds. The office is working hard to fix the problems and get things back to normal quickly.

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Doubts Arise Over Timing and Effectiveness

The reasons the Comptroller’s Office gives for launching the new system Zwick and others question if it was the right decision. They wonder why it was introduced when it’s causing so many problems for taxpayers. Even though the office says they had good reasons, people like Zwick are still worried about the new system’s effectiveness.

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