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Medicare fraud puts Imperial County dentist in prison for over three years

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Imperial County dentist Javad Aghaloo recently received a hefty 37-month prison sentence for committing Medicare fraud. This means he tricked Medicare, a program that helps people with healthcare costs, into paying for dental procedures that were unnecessary or not done. Aghaloo’s former billing manager, Melissa Rosas, also got in trouble for lying to Medicare during an audit, and she got three years of probation for her role in the scheme.

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$18 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme: How Aghaloo and Team Duped Beneficiaries with False Claims

Aghaloo and his team devised a sneaky plan to do Medicare fraud. They targeted people covered by Medicare and told them they could get dental work done for free.

However, they knew that Medicare doesn’t cover dental services. Still, they convinced Medicare beneficiaries to come to their dental offices by falsely claiming that their services were covered.

Once the patients were in the dental chair, Aghaloo and his colleagues would perform procedures that Medicare wouldn’t pay for, like tooth extractions. Then, they would submit fake claims to Medicare, pretending that they had done more expensive procedures that were covered, like bone grafts. This went on for over two years when they submitted over 7,000 fake claims totaling a staggering $18 million.

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Medicare Fraud Exposed: Facing Millions in Reparations

To make matters worse, Aghaloo and his team didn’t stop there. They tried to cover up their Medicare fraud by submitting fake documents to a federal auditor who was investigating Medicare claims. This was a serious offense and only added to their legal troubles.

As a result of their actions, Aghaloo has to give up over $1 million in property that he bought with the money he got from defrauding Medicare. Plus, he has to pay over $8 million to Medicare to make up for the false claims. It’s a stark reminder of the consequences of committing Medicare fraud and how it can land you in serious trouble with the law.

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