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Mesquite Police Reveal Body Cam Footage Of A Teenager Who Was Fatally Shot

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrested the suspect of shooting incident in downtown Las Vegas (Photo: flickriver)

A 19-year-old was shot and killed by an officer on Thursday afternoon, according to body camera footage that Mesquite police released. Since Payton Lawrence passed away last week, his family has been requesting greater openness from the agency.

What Happened?

Although watching the collection of police body cam and surveillance videos may be unsettling, you can watch the whole video that MPD has provided here.

The almost 14-minute film depicts a sequence of incidents that culminated in the deadly gunshot on December 14 at around three in the morning. “A caller contacted Mesquite Police Department dispatch and advised their silver Hyundai sedan was just stolen from their residence,” said Sergeant Phillip.

The driver of the stolen car is caught on camera chatting with the driver of a Chrysler sedan before the two cars depart the scene together. After that, they both make a stop at a petrol station.

The driver of the pilfered vehicle exits and converses with the occupants of the Chrysler. Lawrence is behind the wheel of that vehicle.

“The front passenger of the Chrysler sedan exits the vehicle and enters the business with the driver of the stolen Hyundai,” stated Phillip.

Stolen Hyundai

Mesquite Police

Source: ABC News

An officer shows up and approaches the stolen Hyundai while they are inside. Since the investigation is still continuing, the department is not disclosing the identity of that officer at this time. The officer saw the two automobiles drive to the 7-Eleven together, according to the police.

The Mesquite police report that the involved officer has served for 17 years. They will carry out more investigation and submit their findings for consideration to the Dallas County District Attorney.

As is customary, the district attorney’s office also dispatched its own investigators to the location of the incident to carry out a separate investigation. Additionally, Mesquite PD Internal Affairs is looking into it.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered at police headquarters to march and demand justice for Lawrence after the family watched the footage.

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