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Mexico And The US Come To An Agreement To Remove Migrants From Its Border Cities

Controversial CBP One App That Allows Migrants To Enter US Each Day Through Online ‘Appointments’, Received Backlash And Lawsuits In the Photo: Migrants lining up in U.S.-Mexico Boarder Photo From: REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

As part of a new initiative to tackle the current spike in border crossings, Mexico has reached an agreement with the United States to deport migrants from its border cities to their home countries and take additional measures to prevent migrants.

Increase In Illegal Immigrants

Following the recent spike in unauthorised crossings into the US, which temporarily closed an international bridge and halted Mexico’s main cargo train system, Mexican officials met with US Customs and Border Protection officials on Friday in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, which is across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Mexico promised to “depressurize” its northern cities, which border El Paso, San Diego, and Eagle Pass, Texas, where the mayor has proclaimed a state of emergency, as part of the accord. According to Mexico’s National Migration Institute, they will also put into place more than a dozen measures to stop migrants from putting their lives in danger by exploiting the railway network to travel to the US-Mexico border.

In a call with reporters on Wednesday night, Department of Homeland Security officials said that the US Department of Defence is increasing its resources at the US-Mexico border by sending at least 800 new active-duty personnel there, where 2,500 National Guard members are already providing support.

Daily Border Arrests


Source: ABC news

According to a Department of Homeland Security official, the number of migrants crossing the border in a 24-hour period this week exceeded 8,600. It has increased from the average of 3,500 daily border arrests following the termination of Title 42 in May, which resulted in new penalties for unlawful border crossers. On Monday, there were almost 8,000 arrests.

According to Ruiz, US official figures suggest that more Mexican families are crossing the border, perhaps in search of asylum. For instance, statistics from Customs and Border Protection show that 4,000 Mexican families were encountered at the border in July 2022. After a year, it had nearly doubled, then more than quadrupled, to reach 22,000 people.

These are the three levers that are currently in operation. And no matter what the Biden administration does today or tomorrow, the folks who are already on their way will continue unless something else occurs in the area, he adds.

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