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Minnesota Attorney General Ellison Confirms The Stabbing of Derek Chauvin, Says He Is ‘Seriously Injured’

Ex-Police Officer Derek Chauvin (Photo: wjon)

Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison confirmed that Derek Chauvin, who was convicted of murdering George Floyd, was stabbed in federal prison by another inmate on Friday.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (Photo: nytimes)

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Confirms Violent Attack Against Derek Chauvin

SOURCE– On Saturday, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison addressed the stabbing incident involving Derek Chauvin, an ex-police officer who was convicted of murdering George Floyd, and an inmate.

According to The Associated Press, Derek Chauvin was stabbed by another inmate on Friday in federal prison. Fortunately, there were no other inmates or prison personnel harmed during the stabbing incident.

Minnesota Attorney General Ellison showed his disappointment at the violent attack on the ex-police officer. Minnesota Attorney General Ellison says that Derek Chauvin had the right to serve his sentence without any fear of violence or retaliation.

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Derek Chauvin, Although ‘Seriously Injured’ Is Now In A Stable Condition

According to BBC, the Minnesota Attorney General confirms that Derek Chauvin is in stable condition.

Minnesota Attorney General Ellison said that he is sad that ex-police officer Derek Chauvin was a target of violence in federal prison. The Minnesota Attorney General also believes that Chauvin is duly convicted of his crimes, and just like others, he should be able to serve his sentence without fear of violence and retaliation. It was the Minnesota Attorney General who led the prosecution of Derek Chauvin.

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