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Minnesota police arrested the 44-year-old who stabbed the grocery worker in torso with golf club

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A 66-year-old man was found dead behind the counter with a golf club run through his torso at Oak Street Grocery in Loring Park around 1 p.m. on Friday.

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Responders are in action to save the victim’s life.

The victim worked at Oak Street Grocery, a local business reported by the Associated Press. The suspect actions suggest that he went behind the counter of the store and hit and badly hurt the person working there in a very horrible way.

The first responders took immediate procedures by putting medical aid as protocol, according to the police. The victim was then transported to  Hennepin County Medical Center. Despite the life-saving efforts, the victim did not survive; he died at the hospital.

Minneapolis police are investigating the stabbing incident to get some information that might lead to the capture of the suspect.

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A 44-year-old suspect was captured during the police operation.

The police are investigating the stabbing incident to the officers that led to the suspect’s whereabouts. He barricaded himself inside his apartment to stop the officers from getting him through.

The suspect seemed to have a motive to rob some items from the store and take them to the counter according to the Associated Press, said police chief Brian O’Hara, late Friday.

According to the news announcement, the suspect was apprehended without incident after nearly six hours. His identity is stillknown, and the investigation is still on being processed

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