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Minnesota Senate Tax Chair Ann Rest Makes “No New Taxes Pledge” for Legislative Session

Photo from Google
Photo from Google
In a significant declaration, Minnesota Senate Tax Chair Ann Rest firmly states her “only one word” to colleagues aiming for new spending or tax hikes this year: No. This No New Taxes Pledge signals potential challenges for majority Democrats in the session navigating tight margins in both votes and financial resources.
Minnesota Senate Tax Chair Ann Rest on No New Taxes Pledge (Photo from Minnesota Reformer)

Minnesota Senate Tax Chair Ann Rest on No New Taxes Pledge (Photo from Minnesota Reformer)

Fiscal Responsibility Amidst Surplus Concerns

The backdrop of Rest’s statement involves state economists cautioning about a potential shift from Minnesota’s projected $2.4 billion surplus to a $2.3 billion “structural imbalance.” This warning heightens the importance of fiscal responsibility with Rest emphasizing that avoiding this scenario is contingent on lawmakers exercising prudence.

Rest asserts her stance on new spending and taxes, asserting, “No new taxes pledge.” The Senate Tax Chair’s position sets a challenging threshold of 34 votes, signaling potential hurdles for significant expenditures in the 67-member chamber.

While proposals for no new taxes pledge will be heard Rest plans to defer them for future sessions rather than incorporating them into a broader tax bill. However, she intends to promptly rectify a $352 million error from last year’s tax bill.

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Controversy Surrounding Transportation Fee

Rest expresses disinterest in participating in adjustments to a new 50-cent fee on deliveries over $100 set to take effect in July. She maintains a firm stance against the tax suggesting it may collapse under its own weight if left unchanged.

On the other side DFL Rep. Erin Koegel, an author of the fee defends it as an innovative approach to generate funds for transportation. Koegel anticipates technical fixes but sees limited appetite for major changes in the upcoming session.

The legislative session commences on Monday with the February forecast from Minnesota Management and Budget expected to provide vital insights into the state’s finances later this month.

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