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Most Dangerous City in North Carolina: 10 Cities to Watch Out For in 2024

Most Dangerous City in North Carolina in 2024

Most Dangerous City in North Carolina. (PHOTO: Travel Safe – Abroad)

According to Southwest Journal, beaches and the Baltimore make North Carolina cool. Safety is crucial with so many people coming and departing. People aim to acquire decent home security cameras. It protects you as you experience North Carolina’s attractions.

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10 Most Dangerous City in North Carolina


A lot of people live in the city of Durham. It looks like there is a lot more crime here than in other places. At least a few people were killed, stolen, or attacked. A lot of people are charged with felonies against property, like burglary and stealing. North Durham residents can’t believe these facts.


Henderson is a small town with only 15,000 people. A lot of chances to become a victim. Several people were killed and many were hurt. People need to make Henderson, North Carolina a safer place right away because it is one of the worst places to live.


Fayetteville in just one year, there were more than 2,000 serious crimes. Crimes like murder, robbery, and violence fall into this group. A lot of property crimes happen, like theft and breaking into homes. These numbers show that Fayetteville is responsible for keeping its people safe.


Greensboro neighborhood a lot of murders and crimes made it more likely that someone would become a victim. It’s hard to prove crimes against property like burglary and stealing. Greensboro needs to take more steps to improve safety.


Whiteville is a small town an awful lot of people are victims of property crimes. Acts of violence are one of the worries. Drug crimes need to be stopped in Whiteville so that it is a better place for everyone.


Gastonia, which is home to 81,000 people. It was the scene of several murders, attacks, break-ins, and thefts. Because of these results, Gastonia needs to make its safety steps better.


Rockingham compared to other places there are more physical and property crimes in this area. Gangs and drug trade are problems that need to be fixed in Rockingham.


Reidsville an awful lot of people are victims of property crimes. Several people were killed and many were hurt. The proof shows that Reidsville needs to be fixed so that everyone is safe.


Albemarle a lot of murders and crimes made it more likely that someone would become a victim. It is incumbent upon us to confront the issues of poverty and unemployment in Albemarle, as they are significant factors in the escalation of criminal activity.


Lumberton is likely to happen to someone. Lumberton was a perilous locale due to the elevated incidence rates of violent and property crimes. To ensure that the entire community of Lumberton is secure, the issue of substance addiction must be resolved.

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Safety tips in travelling to most dangerous city in North Carolina

Be careful in risky areas like Durham, Henderson, Fayetteville, etc. Never wander alone in dark or quiet locations and always be aware of your surroundings. Door and window locks protect your home. Don’t display valuables. Know your pals and protect each other. If you observe anything odd, call the police. Working together can make neighborhoods safer for everyone.

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