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Mother in New Albany Seeks Justice Following Brutal 12-Stabbing Assault on Son

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New Albany mother Kimmy Polen is reeling after her son, Christopher Ashley, was savagely stabbed 12 times on East Market Street Tuesday night.

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Mother Alleges Attempted Murder Conspiracy as Son Survives Vicious Stabbing in New Albany

The New Albany Police Department reported two stabbed victims. Polen doubts the official account and thinks her son’s ex-girlfriend had a plot to kill him. She says her son, who had begun a new career and was trying to improve his life, was invited to his ex-girlfriend’s house for a conversation. Chris agreed to meet the ex-girlfriend at 8:00 PM despite concerns about her partner.

Chris arrived and left when his lover was there. He noticed he was being followed as he left. He prepared to battle before a confrontation. Chris was punched in the stomach and discovered his intestines protruding. He fled, but the attacker stabbed him in the back, puncturing a lung, and resumed the assault with additional stabs.

Chris had a five-hour surgery to repair 12 stab wounds with hundreds of staples and stitches. After surviving, he must undergo months of rehabilitation. Whether he can use his left arm again is questionable.

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Mother Fights for Justice as Son Recovers from Brutal Attack

As a concerned mother, Polen finds her son’s suffering painful and fears he may relive the trauma whenever he shuts his eyes or hears a noise. She wants justice for the assailant and her son’s ex-girlfriend, whom she feels set him up.

Polen demands life sentences for the assailant and ex-girlfriend. She has had little police interaction, although she knows a suspect has been caught but the ex-girlfriend is still at large.

Chris’s recuperation requires physical therapy, which is emotionally draining for him and his mother. Polen will not rest until those responsible for her son’s awful deed are punished.

READ ALSO: New Albany mother wants justice after she says her son was stabbed 12 times

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