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Neighborhoods In Milwaukee: Exposing Cream City’s Dangerous Neighborhoods

Milwaukee (Photo: wimmercommunities)

Want to know the dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee in 2023? Read this article to find out the crime hotspots in Cream City! 

Downtown Milwaukee (Photo: planetizen)

Dangerous Neighborhoods In Milwaukee

SOURCENorth Division is first on this list of dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Even with its population of 6,023, North Division still has a very concerning violent crime rate than other neighborhoods in Milwaukee, with its violent crime of 5,339 and 5,575 property crimes. The most common crimes encountered in North Division are assault and theft. In the year 2020, this neighborhood reported 10,914 crimes, wherein property crimes slightly outnumbered violent crime.

Franklin Heights is second on the list of dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Aside from the financial issues faced by the residents of Franklin Heights (third of the population is living below poverty line), this neighborhood is facing problems in crime incidents as well. Franklin Heights violent crime incidents are 4,976, while its property crimes are slightly higher with 5,827 cases. In the year 2020, there were 10,803 crimes reported in this neighborhood.

Metcalfe Park is third on the list of dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Even with its mere population of 2,673, this neighborhood still suffers from high property and violent crimes. The violent incidents in Metcalfe Park are 5,547, while its property crime is 4,945. The poverty rate in this neighborhood also exceeds 60%.

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Dangerous Neighborhoods In Milwaukee

Park West or also known as Amani, is fourth on this list of dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. With a population of 6,270, the residents of this neighborhood suffer from 4,934 violent crimes and 5,429 property crimes. According to Upgraded Home, Park West (Amani) has the highest robbery and assault cases, although the poverty rate and crime-stricken community are slowly seeing a decrease in these incidents.

Garden Homes is the fifth and last addition to this list of dangerous neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Like other neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Garden Homes has suffered depravation, poverty, and neglect. The total reported crime in Garden Homes is 9,886, with 4,174 being violent crimes and 5,712 being property crimes. In the year 2020, Garden Homes reported 9,886 crimes.

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