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Neighborhoods In Seattle: The Lurking Danger In The Neighborhoods Of Emerald City

Seattle (Photo: GeekWire)

Despite its charming nickname, everything is not sunshine and rainbows in “Emerald City” Seattle. There are numerous neighborhoods in Seattle that you should be aware of for their high crime rates. Here is a comprehensive list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle to avoid in 2023!

Northgate, Seattle (Photo: seattlepi)

South Park, International District, And Northgate Are Among The Dangerous Neighborhoods In Seattle

SOURCE– First on the list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle is South Park. South Park, with its mere 3,730 population, is experiencing a 649 crime rate per 100k residents, but its property crime rate is much higher, at 8,385 per 100k. This is alarmingly higher than other neighborhoods in Seattle. Aside from problems regarding crimes, residents of this neighborhood also wrestle with financial issues. The median income in South Park is only $56,829. Aside from this, it also suffers from an unemployment rate of 6.3%.

International District comes in second on this list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle. Like South Park, this neighborhood also suffers from high violent and property crime rates. The violent crime rate in International District is 890 per 100k residents, while its property crime rate is 6,925 per 100k residents. The median income in this neighborhood is $49,002, which is the worst in Seattle.

Northgate is third on the list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle. Northgate, with its population of 4,414, suffers from a high violent crime rate of 1,499 per 100k residents and 10,545 property crime rates per 100k residents. According to Property Club, the most common violent crimes encountered in this neighborhood are assault and robberies.

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Sand Point And Atlantic Rank Fourth And Fifth On This List Of Dangerous Neighborhoods In Seattle

Coming fourth on this list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle is Sand Point. The recorded violent crime rate in this neighborhood is 2,740 per 100k, and its property crime rate is 8,729 per 100k residents. The median income in Sand Point is also the 8th worst in the state, with $75,068.

Atlantic is fifth on the list of dangerous neighborhoods in Seattle. Atlantic’s total crime rate is 10,612 per 100,000 residents. There are 1 in 10 chances of you becoming a victim of any kind of crime in this neighborhood.

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