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Nestor Hernandez, The Methodist Dallas Gunman, Was Found Guilty Of Capital Murder

Orlando Shooting: Suspect Killed During Gunfight At A Florida Hotel, Two Officers Now In Critical Condition Photo From: The Texas Tribune

On November 9, a jury found Nestor Hernandez, the gunman at Methodist Dallas Hospital, guilty of capital murder.

What Happened?

Following multiple postponements, Judge Chika Anyiam began the trial on Thursday by directing the jury on what to do next. Although they could have found Hernandez guilty on fewer counts, the jury took over an hour to reach a guilty judgment.

On Wednesday, the final day of testimony in his trial, the 31-year-old defendant took the stand in his own defense.

Hernandez maintained that the events at Methodist Dallas Hospital in October of last year were unintentional and that he had no intention of murdering social worker Jacqueline Pokuaa and nurse Katie Flowers on the labor and delivery ward.

Hernandez claimed they argued about whether or not she would give their child his last name. He was captured on security footage entering the maternity unit and then entering his girlfriend’s room. He stated in his testimony that when Pokuaa entered their room, they were arguing over a gun.

Hernandez clarified, “The nurse attempted to break up the fight.” “The rifle went off when she moved to stand between us. After a little period of confusion on my part, she asked, “What did you do?” You are to blame for this—this is your fault. In his testimony, he said that he shot carelessly into the corridor out of terror later.

Investigation Still Going

Under cross-examination, prosecutors questioned Hernandez’s claim that the shootings were inadvertent and drew attention to the testimony’s contradiction with the physical evidence.

Nestor Hernandez

(Photo: NBC)

John Creuzot, the district attorney for Dallas County, made the case for the prosecution. The death penalty was not sought by the prosecution.

“I pledged at the time of the crime to see that justice was served, and I’m happy to report that we’ve succeeded in doing so. “We have ensured that Mr. Hernandez will die in prison, but I say this knowing that justice is not a substitute for these two innocent lives lost nor does it heal the trauma inflicted on the staff, officers, and other families at the hospital on that tragic day,” Creuzot said after the verdict.

Hernandez has been detained since the shootings that occurred a year ago. He will be sent by law enforcement to the Texas Department of Corrections, where he will live out the remainder of his days.

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