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New Details Regarding The Tragic Como Mass Shooting In Fort Worth Is Revealed Through An Arrest Warrant

Oklahoma Car Crash: 17-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After A Single-Collision Car Crash Photo From: Chicago Sun-Times

Regarding the fatal Fort Worth mass shooting that occurred on July 3, new details have been made public.Following a Fourth of July celebration in the Como area, shooting that killed three people and injured eight others originated from a physical conflict, according to the arrest warrant for Christopher Redic, who was detained in connection with the killings.

Who Are The Suspects?

Since the incident, Brandon Williams, 19, and Redic, 20, have been named as suspects and taken into custody. Detectives were able to speak with someone who gave them details about what transpired that evening as they were trying to first find the suspects. The warrant has redacted the person’s identity.

According to the warrant, the individual told officers that Williams had gotten into a fight with a man who had “previously shot up [his] mom’s car” in an interview.

Everyone There, According To The Individual, Had Guns, Except For Him

Fort Worth

Source: cbcs

Williams informed officers that someone had threatened to murder him in the past, and an altercation had followed, when they eventually spoke with him. Williams started to shoot after there had been a physical fight; he told the investigators that he had been the first to fire.

He then acknowledged that he had fired rounds in the direction of the assailant. He said that although he was aware that many people were moving in the direction of the shooting, he had no desire to kill any of them.

In addition, Redic told the officers that he had a revolver and had fired it around six times after hearing gunshots. He said that because he raised his rifle over the throng, he doesn’t think he accidentally shot anyone. Three charges of murder have been brought against Williams and Redic, who are currently in court.

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