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New Guaranteed Income Program: $10 Million Allocated to Support Pregnant Women and Former Foster Youth

(Photo from: Sacramento Bee)

The Inland SoCal United Way has introduced a new guaranteed income program, earmarking a substantial $10 million to provide direct monthly payments to eligible individuals. With a mission to foster meaningful change, this pilot program is set to offer financial support without strings attached, targeting two specific categories of beneficiaries: pregnant women within their first six months and former foster youth.

New Guaranteed Income Program: $10 Million Allocated to Support Pregnant Women and Former Foster Youth (Photo from: Sacramento Bee)

A Helping Hand for New Beginnings

Under this new guaranteed income program, 500 pregnant women in their initial six months of pregnancy will receive monthly payments of $600. The initiative recognizes prenatal care’s critical role in shaping a child’s health and future success, emphasizing the importance of supporting parents from the beginning.

No-strings-attached cash infusions empower pregnant moms and reduce financial stress, improving Riverside County families’ well-being. This novel method shows the program’s dedication to community improvement.

The trial program also supports 120 former foster youngsters with $750 monthly. The guaranteed income effort strives to help this demographic achieve self-sufficiency and prosperity by addressing their unique obstacles.

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New Guaranteed Income Program Eligibility and Beyond

While the program promises financial relief, specific criteria must be met for eligibility. Individuals must be at least 18 years old, with a maximum household income not exceeding $90,916. This inclusive initiative is expected to cover residents of both San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

Eligible residents must be referred through a Guaranteed Income (GI) partner agency. Individuals can contact the GI program team at 951-289-3328 for referrals or further information.

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