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New Mexico Increases the Amount of SNAP Benefits to Adults Over 60 and With Disabilities

SNAP benefits
Amount of SNAP benefits in New Mexico has increased. (Photo: WBTG)

The state of New Mexico has increased the amount of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to adults over 60 and with disabilities.

SNAP Benefits

Amount of SNAP benefits in New Mexico has increased. (Photo: WBTG)

Increase of Amount in SNAP Benefits in New Mexico

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits have helped millions of eligible and qualified families across the country. This has even become more significant during the time of the pandemic when people were in need of assistance to meet their daily needs.

In a published article in Spotlight News, the state of New Mexico has increased the amount of SNAP benefits to adults over 60 and with disabilities who were enrolled in the program. A one-time increase of $168 was given to the beneficiaries.

This increase is to help the recipients fight food insecurity and ensure that they can buy nutritious food amidst the increasing inflation rate and soaring prices. Additionally, this has also helped them buy their medicines.

Source of Fund

According to a published report in Human Services Department in New Mexico, the source of funds for the additional money intended for SNAP benefits in the state is coming from  State General Fund. This became possible through the efforts of the state Governor and legislators.

Kari Armijo, acting cabinet secretary for the New Mexico Human Services Department, said, “Through this collaboration, we provided much-needed additional food support for some of our most vulnerable New Mexicans. Using state general funds to create extra benefits for seniors is a great example of how working together to build strong inter-departmental partnerships can best serve New Mexicans in need.”


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