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New Payments of $600 to $2,100 Available – Are You Eligible?

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An expanded childcare tax credit will benefit Pennsylvanians. The new credit gives Pennsylvanians with dependents real money and reduces taxes. Governor Josh Shapiro stressed the importance of this tax credit to over 200,000 families, including 7,000 in York County, at a news conference.

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Governor Announces Expanded Childcare Tax Credit for Real Money Savings

Family income and number of children determine child care tax credit amount. When earning less than $43,000, the maximum tax credit for one child rises from $315 to $1,050, and for two or more children, from $630 to $2,100. Family income over $43,000 increases the maximum tax credit from $180 to $600 for one kid and from $360 to $1,200 for two or more children.

Families like Joanie Wolf’s, a mother of two, embrace this financial aid because of its fiscal impact. Even a little additional money can help with rising grocery and other expenditures, she said.

Participants must meet conditions for tax credit eligibility. Their first obligation is to have paid for a dependent child under 13. An eligible participant may also have paid for the care of a spouse or incapacitated person. The second condition requires the cared-for individual to have lived there for more than six months.

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Pennsylvania Families Celebrate Expanded Childcare Tax Credit Tailored to Income and Kids

York County could benefit from the tax credit, which will alleviate teacher shortages and pandemic-related early children-care center closures. Kevin Schreiber, president and CEO of York County Economic Alliance, stressed the importance of child care in job decisions and the potential benefits of this credit.

Childcare expenditures typically take up a large chunk of a paycheck, forcing parents, especially women, to leave the profession, said Representative Carol Hill-Evans. Women with toddlers lost 13% of their jobs, highlighting the need for tax credits.

Despite these challenges, the tax credit is likely to help many families improve their lives. Pennsylvanians can visit the Department of Revenue website for tax credit information.

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