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New Security Measures Are Implemented At The Texas State Fair Following The Weekend Massacre

Nathaniel Huey, proprietor of Black Bear Security, LLC, was recognized for his ownership of firearms and extensive firearm expertise. (Photo: Google)

A number of security improvements have been implemented in the days after a shooting at the Texas State Fair left three people injured.

What Happened?

Director of security for the State Fair Jeff Cotner expressed, “As a member of the State Fair family, we’re deeply saddened by the events of Saturday…we know that there’s still work for us to ensure this is a safe place to come.”

Cotner claimed that when gunfire broke out inside the food court on October 14, sending fairgoers running for their lives, he was as shocked as everyone else.

A police watch point at the food court’s entrance has been relocated to the centre of the area following the incident. Cotner stated that they had ensured the continued functionality of their operations notwithstanding the alterations.

However, it is still unclear how the suspected shooter, 22-year-old Cameron Turner, managed to get his gun past the sophisticated weapons detection systems that are stationed at each entry.

Even so, Cotner continues to have faith in the technology because it has been used to detect other firearms.

Concerning His Personal Feelings

Only licenced gun owners are permitted to bring their weapons within the fairgrounds, as stated on the FAQ page of the State Fair of Texas. Authorities have verified that Turner does not possess a licence.


Source: CNN

Turner, who was detained at the site, allegedly fired at a guy who was injured along with two other persons, according to Dallas police.

The mother of the alleged shooter told CBS News Texas in an off-camera interview that her son was being physically intimidated by the person who was supposed to be the target of the shooting and that he had no intention of hurting anyone at the fair.

In response to a question concerning his personal feelings on the incident, Cotner said, “I’m disappointed…but I’m very proud of how our fair acted in terms of our response.”

Additionally, he thinks that the “huge crowds” that returned the following day were a resounding indication of the attendees’ continued faith in the hundreds of men and women who are “devoted to keeping them safe.” Cotner remarked, “It was so heartwarming and overwhelming.”

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