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Next Check Coming: December 2023 Social Security Payments

Stimulus Check. (PHOTO: google)

There are three rounds left after December checks were sent out.

Stimulus Check. (PHOTO: google)

In December, the Social Security Administration will send three more checks. A cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) that starts in January 2024 will add 3.2% to recipients’ future checks after this month’s. Your Social Security payment date is very important, and we can help you figure it out. For more information, look at the timeline for Social Security Disability Insurance payouts and the highest monthly Social Security payments. Know your money and benefits.

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Social Security Beneficiaries

Starting in January 2024, people who get Social Security will see a raise of 3.2% in their payouts. The Social Security Administration will explain how much each month. The average raise for retirees is $58, which means they will get $1,885 every month. People with disabilities will get an extra $47 a month, bringing their total pay to $1,530 a month. Couples over 65 who get benefits together will get an extra $95, for a total of $3,067. The monthly check for widows and widowers will go up by $55, to $1,759 per month. The biggest price hike will happen to widows or widowers with two children, who will pay an average of $3,633 a month. Payment dates change based on birth dates. Starting in January 2024, checks will be sent out every Wednesday to represent the COLA raise. People who get Supplemental Security Income will get their payment in December 2023. People who got benefits before May 1997 will get their payment on January 3, 2024.

More information on how Social Security works and how to apply for SSDI and SSI will help you stay up to date on your payments.

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December COLA Increase for SSI.

Because prices have been going up so fast, the Social Security Administration raised the 2024 COLA for SSI recipients by 3.2% this month. The first COLA increase for regular Social Security claims will happen in January 2024. The first COLA increase for SSI users will happen in December 2023. SSI checks usually come on the first of the month, but because January 1, 2024, is a holiday, the checks will be sent out early on December 29. Beneficiaries can see their new benefit number in the message center of their My Social Security account. People who missed the deadline of November 14 to sign up for an account will get a letter explaining the increase. Pay attention to the changes and look at the Medicare rates, fees, and payment plans for 2024 for Social Security and Disability Insurance.

December 2023 to See Double SSI Payments

People who get SSI may get two checks on December 1 and 29, 2023. SSI checks are usually sent out by Social Security on the first of every month, unless it’s a holiday or weekend, which means that there may be more than one payment. The January payment has been moved to Friday, December 29, since January 1 is New Year’s Day. As usual, other Wednesday Social Security payments will be made. People whose birthdays are in December can check to see when they will get their money. SSI recipients get two payouts a month, but other Social Security recipients, like SSDI receivers, should check their payment dates.

December Disability Insurance payouts

As of today, December Disability Insurance payouts have started, and more are likely to come next week. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) users get paid based on when their benefits began and when they were born. Since May 1997, people who get SSDI usually get paid on the third of every month, with weekends and holidays taken into account. December payments were sent out on December 1. For those whose birthday is on December 13, the plan is for the first through tenth, for the eleventh through twentieth, and for the twenty-first through thirty-first. People who got SSDI before May 1997 got their payments on December 1. On December 1, Supplemental Security Income checks were sent out. For help, questions can be sent to the Social Security Administration.

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