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Nintendo game found in attic with $39 JCPenney sticker now worth over 230 times more!

He found an unopened 1980s Kid Icarus Nintendo game with a $38.45 JCPenney price tag.

A Nintendo game from the 1980s that has never been played sells for $9,000. (PHOTO: The US Sun)

’60s and ’70s records are worth a lot of money

According to The US Sun, Scott Amos from Reno, Nevada, found a unique item while going through old boxes to find a gift for his mom for Mother’s Day. Kid Icarus was the name of a sealed Nintendo game from the 1980s. It still had the $38.45 JCPenney price tag on it. Experts said this sealed gem was very rare, and it sold at auction in 2019 for a huge $10,000. I believe it was meant to be a Christmas present but was lost in the mail. People are discovering secret gems in their old record collections. On TikTok, Rob (@blackcirclerecordssc) talked about how some old records from the 1960s and 1970s can be worth a lot of money. One example is a 1956 Elvis record that has grown in value over the years. The fact that people are interested in old songs and items from the past again shows that they can still be useful today.

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Physical artifacts go against digital trends and can be used to make money.

Even though everything is online now, stories like Scott Amos’s and the increased interest in vinyl tracks show that old things have value and charm that never goes away. These hidden gems, whether they’re in old boxes or record collections, tell a story and show that cultural items from the past are still important in today’s world, where things change quickly.

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