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North Texas COVID-19 Cases Are Increasing As The FDA Approves A New Vaccination

It is estimated that seven out of ten people will retain their benefits under the Healthier Oregon Program, the state's version of Medicaid. (Photo: SECAD)
It is estimated that seven out of ten people will retain their benefits under the Healthier Oregon Program, the state's version of Medicaid. (Photo: SECAD)

In response to an upsurge in instances that Dallas County Health and Human Services has been tracking, the FDA on Monday approved revised COVID-19 vaccinations.

Cases Rising In Hospital

Director Dr. Philip Huang noted that although there have been some rises in hospital numbers, they are still far fewer than in the past. One of the more prevalent varieties we’re seeing locally, according to Huang, is the XBB 1.5 variant.

On Monday, the FDA approved modified COVID-19 vaccinations. Tuesday’s meeting of the CDC will discuss who should receive it. Then, in the upcoming days, pharmacies are anticipated to receive them.

Huang stated, “We collaborate closely with the state health department.” “We’re still waiting to hear about our availability.”

According to what is being reported, the nationwide rollout should begin within the next several weeks, according to Parkland Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Chang. Although we are unsure of our specific position in the hierarchy, we are certain that we will receive something within the next two to three weeks. It is anticipated that there will be a plentiful supply at that time.

Increasing In Cases In North Texas


Source: ABC News

“So, that’s good, right?” said Chang. “As you will recall, in the early days of the vaccine, there were many people chomping at the bit to get a shot because it was heavily tiered”. Fortunately, I believe we will have enough this season to satisfy demand in North Texas.

The supplier for the next flu clinics through the district benefits department will also give COVID-19 boosters for staff, according to Dallas ISD, which represents our neighborhood school districts. There is no student rollout currently scheduled.

Huang added, “It sounds like it will pretty much be how people get the flu shot now.” Over the coming weeks, we’ll offer a ton of pop-up events. We’ll have the immunizations ready as soon as we receive them all.

This occurs when flu season draws near. The flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine can be administered together, according to the doctors we spoke to today.

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