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Oklahoma City to Ticket Homeless for Sleeping or Sitting Downtown

Oklahoma City Plans to Ticket People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness. (PHOTO: The Messenger)

City Leaders Approve Rule to Ticket Homeless People.

Oklahoma City plans to ticket people who are experiencing homelessness. (PHOTO: The Messenger)

According to The messenger report, in Shawnee, city leaders voted 6-1 on Monday to make a new rule about where people can sit or lie down downtown. They call it the “Sit/Lie” rule. The city says it’s meant to keep everyone safe, but some people worry it might be unfair to those who don’t have a home. The rule says you can get a fine only after the police tell you that you’re breaking the rule. It mostly targets actions like sleeping outside or sitting in a way that blocks sidewalks in front of businesses.

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The mayor, Ed Bold, mentioned that if someone can’t pay the fine, they might have to do community service instead. This decision has sparked a debate about finding a balance between keeping public spaces safe and helping people who are struggling. Critics argue that just giving fines might not solve the real problems faced by those without homes and that the city should consider more supportive solutions. As Shawnee moves forward with the new rule, ongoing discussions will be important to make sure everyone’s concerns are heard.

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