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Over 380,000 Galaxies Now Accessible in New Online Digital Atlas

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The Siena Galaxy Atlas (SGA) has made 383,620 galaxies available online, a major step toward understanding the universe.

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Siena Galaxy Atlas Unveils Cosmic Marvels: A Technical Marvel for Scientists and a Visual Delight for All

The SGA uses 2014–2017 DESI Legacy Survey data to give detailed photos and information on space objects. Although publicly available online, the atlas is mostly for astronomers and scientists because of its technical nature.

The SGA relies on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Legacy Surveys to accurately depict galaxies. It reveals the positions, shapes, and sizes of many nearby massive galaxies. John Moustakas, the project leader and Siena College physics professor, says studying nearby big galaxies is important because they reveal galactic creation and history, including our Milky Way galaxy.

The SGA has become invaluable thanks to DESI Legacy Survey data. For those studying specific galactic regions or several galaxies, it is especially useful. Chris Davis, NSF Program Director for NOIRLab, said such data helps the public locate nearby galaxies and further astronomical study. The SGA’s popularity as a resource for celestial targets benefits amateur astronomers.

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Siena Galaxy Atlas: Bridging Science and Aesthetics, Unveiling Cosmic Wonders for Experts and Enthusiasts Alike

SGA is a data-rich reference that also considers aesthetics. NOIRLab astronomer Arjun Dey praises its scientific value and the abundance of beautiful galaxy photos. The Siena Galaxy Atlas offers expert scientific exploration and amateur visual enjoyment.

The SGA provides access to the universe for serious astronomical research or mere enjoyment of celestial splendor. As technology and collaborative surveys uncover space’s mysteries, services like the Siena Galaxy Atlas help us grasp and appreciate the immense cosmic fabric.

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