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Over The Alleged Love Triangle Murder Of Jamie Faith, Darrin Lopez Is Up In Front Of A Jury

Buffalo Creek Road Burglary: Armed Homeowners Shot Burglar On Both Thighs After Open Firing Inside Homeowner’s House Photo From: The Washington Post

Dallas was surprised by the case. Jamie Faith, an American Airlines manager, was shot and died in North Oak Cliff in October of 2020 while walking his dog with his wife.

Attempted To Kidnap

Detectives were informed by his wife, Jennifer Faith, that a man in a black pickup truck had driven up and started firing. She added that the shooter attempted to kidnap her.

Soon after the murder, DPD Deputy Chief Avery Moore stated, “According to the witness, he had duct tape, he grabbed her, tried to tape her wrists, and tried to pull jewelry off her fingers.”

For Jennifer, sympathetic neighbors contributed $60,000. However, when police learned she was emotionally involved with her high school love, Darrin Lopez, they started to have doubts. Prosecutors claim that Faith supplied Lopez false information concerning her husband’s mistreatment of her.

Dallas lady portrayed in “48 Hours” as “puppet master” planning husband’s murder for pay.Police think he traveled by car to the crime scene from his Tennessee residence.

Murder Trial

Jamie Faith

Source: ABC news

They claim they uncovered proof that Jennifer Faith was giving him cash and presents while utilizing part of the proceeds from that benefit when they searched his property. They also claim to have discovered a pistol with Jamie Faith’s blood on it.

She texted Lopez shortly after Jennifer Faith arrived for interrogation in order to plan their ruses. “Monday, don’t text me. After removing texts, I’m going to factory reset my phone on Sunday night,” she added.

Lopez is alleged to have replied, “OK sounds okay. A big embrace. Last year, Faith admitted pleas to a federal crime in the case and was given a life sentence. Lopez’s murder trial is scheduled to begin in state court on Tuesday morning.

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