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People who shop at 2,300 Aldi stores are upset about a big change that they call “virtue signaling.”

People are upset that Aldi is getting rid of plastic bags, which has caused complaints.

Aldi eliminates plastic shopping bags in U.S. stores. (PHOTO: CBS 42)

ALDI Customers React to the Loss of Plastic Bags

According to The US Sun, 2,300 ALDI shops in the U.S. stopped using plastic bags not long ago, and customers had different feelings about it. People talked about the change on social media after it began in 2022 and is now complete. Some people liked the choice to be more eco-friendly, but others were afraid it would make food more expensive.

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ALDI’s CEO says prices won’t go up even though plastic bags are being phased out.

ALDI CEO Jason Hart reassured customers that taking away plastic bags would not cause prices to go up, even though some were worried. Hart talked about how committed the company is to being green and said that this will help save a lot of plastic. He told people to use bags that can be used more than once, which they can buy at the store. They are also making other changes in over 600 shops that are better for the earth.

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Saving Money and Helping the Earth

Part of ALDI’s plan to be more eco-friendly is to get rid of plastic bags. They want to help the earth and cut down on smog. ALDI is showing people that being responsible doesn’t have to cost them a lot by making these changes. The food store company wants to be a leader in eco-friendly shopping so that people can do their shopping in a way that doesn’t break the bank.

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