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Porch Pirate’s Vibrant Getaway: Colorful Car Caught on Camera Post-Theft – Easily Spotted!

Photo from: Newsbreak
Photo from: Newsbreak

In East Lake neighborhood of Seattle, someone who had their package stolen from their porch is talking about the person driving a colorful car.

Photo from: Newsbreak

Photo from: Newsbreak

Festive Heist in Seattle: Porch Pirate’s Daring Getaway in Iridescent Car

The incident happened when a bright and shiny car, which the victim Carly Craft described as looking like “gasoline on concrete,” was caught on camera stealing a Christmas present.

The eye-catching car with many colors was seen driving around the parking lot at around 10:30 in the morning. On December 19th. Craft was sad when she got home and found out that her package was not there. She was looking forward to getting it. Craft saw the surveillance video and found out that the driver came at the same time as the delivery on purpose. This made the situation worrying because it seemed like the driver planned to steal something.

The Honda Insight is easy to notice because it has a bright color and noticeable damage, like a broken rear window and plastic covering. In addition to its unique features, a spare tire is attached to the back passenger side wheel.

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Flashy Heist Fallout: Seattle Resident Urges Action Against Porch Pirates

Craft said, “This car is really flashy. It looks like a car you would use if you were committing a crime. ” “It’s where I live. ” She imagines a situation where someone stops the driver and says, “Hey, I saw you on the video taking packages. 

Local officials want anyone who knows something about the theft to call the Seattle Police at 206-625-5011. Rephrase with more thefts happening during the holidays, it’s best to have your packages delivered to a safe place like a secure building or a locker. The incident is a strong reminder to be careful and take action against thieves during the holidays.

READ ALSO: Porch pirate’s colorful car caught on camera after theft

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