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Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Takes Effect; What to Know About the New Law?

Pregnant women
Pregnant Workers Fairness Act takes effect on Tuesday. (Photo: BBC)

The “Pregnant Workers Fairness Act” takes effect on Tuesday and this new law is expected to help millions of employees across the country.

Pregnant women

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act takes effect on Tuesday. (Photo: BBC)

What to Know About the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?

Pregnancy among women in the country is one of the toughest tasks especially if they are working in the corporate industry. They need to balance health and work but a new bill signed into law will help the pregnant workers while they are on their job.

In a published article in ABC News, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is a new federal law that requires employers to give “reasonable accommodations” to pregnant women in the workplace. This is to help and assist pregnant employees who are facing limitations on what they can do due to their medical condition.

Meanwhile, the new law does replace the existing laws in the different levels of government to make it illegal to fire someone on the basis of pregnancy and other related conditions. However, the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act reminds that it is important for the employee and employer to have open communication.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Released a Statement

According to a published report in Spectrum Local News, “reasonable accommodations” as emphasized in the new law means to include the ability to sit or drink water, have closer parking spots, flexible hours, extra break time to eat or rest, appropriately-sized uniforms and allowing leave or time off to recover from childbirth.

Employment attorney Harvey Sanders said, “Pregnancy is still a significant concern in the workplace. The majority of pregnant women are working. They’re at a work age where that’s going to be the case.” She also added that the goal of the new law is to make sure that pregnant women will remain productive in the workplace.


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