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President Zelensky Announces Mobilization of Up to Half a Million New Soldiers to Resist Putin’s Invasion in Ukraine

How many troops do Ukraine, Russia, US and UK have as Zelensky calls for 500,000 more. (photo: The Independent)

Ukraine’s military seeks to mobilize 500,000 troops in the face of a Russian invasion.

How many troops do Ukraine, Russia, the US, and the UK have, as Zelensky calls for 500,000 more? (photo: The Independent)

According to The Independent news report, Ukrainian President Zelensky is thinking about adding a lot more soldiers—almost 500,000—to protect against Putin’s invading forces. Right now, Ukraine has about 500,000 soldiers, and this move would nearly double that. Zelensky says the decision depends on being fair, how strong the defense is, and having enough money. Ukrainian law allows men from 27 to 60 to join the military, and younger volunteers can too. The conflict started in February 2022, and it’s been tough, with estimates saying 30,000 to 70,000 Ukrainians have been hurt or killed.

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has a big military with 1,330,900 active soldiers and 250,000 reserves. They recently changed the law to let more people join the military. In the United States, there are 1,832,000 military personnel, including 1,390,000 on active duty and 442,000 on reserve. The U.S. doesn’t make people join right now, but guys from 18 to 25 have to sign up for possible future service. The UK has around 231,000 soldiers, with 194,000 on active duty and 37,000 reserves. The UK only made people join during the big wars. As tensions rise worldwide, how many soldiers these countries have is super important in figuring out what happens in the conflict.

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