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Prince George’s County Council Hopes To Lessen Crimes By Requiring Cameras On Units And Housing Residences

Installation of camera on apartments and housing residences in Maryland (Photo: Medium)

The Prince George’s County Council voted 9 to 2 in favor of a bill that requires apartments and housing residences to install security cameras 24/7 in hopes of minimizing crimes happening in the area.

Prince George’s County Council (Photo:

Prince George’s County Council Passes A Security Camera Bill

SOURCE– The Prince George’s County Council hopes to lessen crimes by requiring apartments and housing residences to install security cameras in their respective areas.

Prince George’s County Council voted 9 to 2 in favor of the security camera bill. The passed bill will require apartment buildings with 100 units to install 24/7 security cameras around the buildings. Senior housing residences are also affected by this newly passed bill by the Prince George’s County Council.

The Prince George’s County Council requires apartment buildings and housing residents to install and maintain security cameras. Landlords of apartment buildings and property managers must keep the video from the security cameras for 30 days.

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The New Bill Makes People ‘Feel Safe’ Says Prince George’s County Council

According to NBC Washington, to help with the cost of the installation of security cameras, the Prince George’s County Council bill passed includes a rebate of $5,000 for property managers and landlords.

The Vice Chair of Prince George’s County Council, Wala Blegay, sponsored the bill after numerous residents complained about their cars being broken into. Prince George’s County Council Vice Chair said that having security cameras on buildings and housing residences will not only help lessen crime, but it will also make the residents feel safe.

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