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Reasons Why You Should Only Save A Portion In A 529 Plan For Your Children’s College Savings

baby bonus
Child tax credit comes back with $2,000 baby bonus included. (Photo from Global News)

529 college savings programs, which were created in the middle of the 1990s, have been slowly adopted by Americans. According to a 2021 poll by the investment adviser Edward Jones, only 20% of American parents have saved or intend to preserve either for their children’s education or for their own using a 529 plan. You can invest in high-yield assets through a 529 plan, defer paying capital gains taxes while the money is in the account, and then take tax-free distributions for qualified educational expenditures.

Additionally, the SECURE Act 2.0’s significant amendments to 529 plans ensure that they look even more appealing. The plans have various drawbacks, which might assist in clarifying why relatively few individuals are aware of them or use them, even though tax-free investment can be a significant advantage. Investment options may be few, there are variations among 529 plans, you could easily incur a fine, 529s are considered a drawback for federal funding, and fees, and contributions may be substantial.

Use 529 Plans With Caution

The appeal of tax-free profits is what partially makes 529 plans a desirable option for college funds. However, I would advise anyone who is currently saving for college to avoid overfunding these plans. You don’t want to find yourself facing fines since the expense of your schooling was less than anticipated & now you have additional cash to cope with. However, a recent modification to the laws governing 529 plans now permits you for rolling around $35,000 per kid into a Roth IRA. This effectively reduces your risk, which is a very encouraging update. However, it is still beneficial to exercise caution when contributing funds to a 529 plan.

As per the U.S. News & World Report, private college tuition and fees on average for the 2022–2023 academic year was a staggering $39,723. For a 4yr degree, that works out to almost $160,000 and that doesn’t even include housing and board. Let us say that a kid is a few years away from entering college life. Nobody knows or has an idea what the expenses are going to look like at that time. And there’s a fear that they will continue to go up. But one also doesn’t have an idea what colleges their kids will want to attend or whether they will even want to attend. That’s why people refuse to invest more than a small portion of their college savings into a 529.

Gains From Investments Made In A 529 Plan

Gains from investments made in a 529 plan are tax-free, which is a benefit. Gains in a standard brokerage account are taxed annually. However, you will be penalized 10% of the account’s earnings if you remove money through a 529 plan for reasons other than paying for your school. Since your major payments are made after taxes, you won’t be penalized for them. However, it is still possible to wind with just $200,000 in earnings in a 529 plan if you invest wisely and save properly for college over a long period. Losing $20,000 due to a penalty of 10% on that amount.

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