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Residents Of Florida To Recieve D-SNAP Benefits Soon

D-SNAP Benefits
D-SNAP Benefits; Source- WTXL

Starting August 30, 2023, low-income Floridians in 11 counties that remain recuperating from Hurricane Idalia may be qualified for assistance through the USDA’s D-SNAP program, according to a recent announcement from the USDA. Roughly 233,000 households who might not typically qualify for D-SNAP under standard SNAP guidelines may do so provided they meet certain requirements, such as the catastrophe income limits, and have qualifying disaster-related expenses.

D-SNAP Benefits

D-SNAP Benefits; Source- MARCA

Eligibility Criteria For D-SNAP

A household has to fulfill certain D-SNAP eligibility requirements, reside or work in a designated disaster area, and have been impacted by the disaster to qualify for D-SNAP. The maximum monthly benefit amount for a SNAP family of their size will be given to households that are eligible for one month, which they can use to buy groceries at SNAP-approved stores or from a few online retailers to cover their immediate food needs as they return home after the disaster. From September 22, 2023, until October 14, 2023, Florida will run its delayed D-SNAP application procedure. Florida will update local media with more information on D-SNAP application times and locations.

D- SNAP Amount Based On Severity Of Calamities

The start of D-SNAP varies depending on the particulars of each catastrophe, but it always happens after the restoration of commercial channels for food distribution and the ability of families to shop for and cook food at home. Before launching a D-SNAP, the state must make sure that the necessary public outreach, personnel, as well as assets are in place. Although currently, enrolled SNAP families are not qualified for D-SNAP, USDA has permitted Florida to automatically provide additional SNAP benefits to currently enrolled SNAP households in the 11 designated areas to increase their allotment to the greatest amount for their family size if they do not currently receive that amount.

D-SNAP For Residents Of Florida

The D-SNAP notification is the most recent in a series of actions taken by the USDA to assist Floridians in coping with Hurricane Idalia as well as its aftermath. Some of these actions include the approval of a waiver that enables SNAP participants to purchase hot foods along with hot food products that are ready for immediate use with their assistance at permitted SNAP retailers throughout the state throughout October 1, 2023. Through September 19, 2023, the regions of Dixie, Hamilton, Jefferson, Lafayette, Madison, Suwannee, and Taylor will be granted a waiver for the 10-day monitoring requirement for food purchased with SNAP benefits but lost due to power outages.

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