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Riskiest Places to Travel: Mandan’s Troubling Statistics in North Dakota

North Dakota, famous for its unexpected run-ins with mountain lions in Williston and its frigid temperatures in Parshall, is home to its fair share of destinations that pose a risk to travelers. (Photo: Google)

 The riskiest places to travel often feature a combination of factors, such as harsh weather conditions, limited employment prospects, and the behavior of the local population.

Traveling to the most perilous destinations frequently involves a blend of elements, including severe weather conditions, restricted job opportunities, and the conduct of the local residents. (Photo: Google)

North Dakota, renowned for its surprise encounters with mountain lions in Williston and bone-chilling cold in Parshall, is not without its own share of riskiest places to travel.

According to an article published by Southwest Journal, North Dakota, known for its unexpected mountain lions in Williston and freezing temperatures in Parshall, also harbors its own set of danger zones.

These riskiest places to travel are attributed to various factors, including the cold climate, limited job opportunities, and human nature.

Regardless of the reasons, the facts are undeniable. Recent research from RoadSnacks has unveiled the top ten most perilous riskiest places to travel in North Dakota for 2022.

To identify these precarious riskiest places to travel, an analysis of 21 cities was conducted using the recent FBI crime report, focusing on violent crimes and property offenses in areas with populations exceeding 2,000.

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The results revealed some alarming trends.

According to an article published by Only In Your State, North Dakota ranks among the top 25 most dangerous states in the nation, with crime rates for both violence and property crimes far exceeding the national average. Consulting this list before making major life decisions in these riskiest places to travel is advisable.

The top three riskiest places to travel in North Dakota for 2022 are as follows:

  1. Fargo: Fargo, infamous as the setting for the Coen brothers’ film, stands as North Dakota’s most dangerous riskiest place to travel in 2022. The city witnessed a car theft every day in 2020, with burglary rates ranking as the second highest in the state. Property crime victimization odds were 1 in 28, and for violent crime, it was 1 in 217. Fargo also had the fourth-highest rates for rape and murder cases statewide.
  2. Devils Lake: Located in northeastern North Dakota, Devils Lake lives up to its ominous name with a notable increase in violent crime. It leads the state in rape cases and has the second-highest overall crime rate, well above the national average. Visitors should exercise extra vigilance regarding their belongings in these riskiest places to travel.
  3. Mandan: Situated across the Missouri River from Bismarck, Mandan, home to Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, ranks as the third most dangerous riskiest place to travel in North Dakota. This city features the fifth-highest rates of murder and rape statewide, along with 980 reported property crimes in 2020, causing understandable concern among its residents.

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