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Russia Says U.S. Hiding Plan to Stop Palestinian State, Claims Foreign Minister

Oct. 10: First plane with 'advanced' US ammo lands at airbase; Blinken to visit Israel. (PHOTO: The Times of Israel)

Russia’s Continued Support for Palestinian Statehood Amidst the Governance Division in Gaza and the West Bank.

Oct. 10: The first plane with ‘advanced’ US ammo lands at the airbase; Blinken visits Israel. (PHOTO: The Times of Israel)

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According to a Middle East Monitor report, Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has raised alarm over what he perceives as secret efforts by Western nations, particularly the US, to hinder the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Following discussions with the Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum, Lavrov expressed worry, noting that Russia has received messages hinting at undisclosed Western projects aimed at obstructing the unification of Gaza and the West Bank, consequently delaying the creation of a Palestinian state. Lavrov emphasized the potential consequences, warning of heightened crises and conflicts in an already unstable region. The suspicion that the West is deliberately opposing a Palestinian state forms the crux of Lavrov’s statement, adding a new layer of complexity to the longstanding tensions in the Middle East. His call for adherence to a UN Security Council resolution underscores Russia’s commitment to diplomatic solutions, specifically addressing the humanitarian crisis by advocating for safe corridors and pauses in Gaza. Lavrov’s remarks introduce greater uncertainty to the Middle East’s geopolitical landscape, challenging the Palestinian quest for statehood amid suspicions of external interference. As tensions persist, the claims of covert Western programs contribute to the intricate dynamics of the region, emphasizing the delicate balance between competing interests and the pursuit of peace and stability.

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