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 “Sadistic Torturer” Alicia Calderon Is Given A 75-Year Sentence By The Jury

On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)
On Tuesday, the suspect of the TWU apartment shooting voluntarily surrendered himself to the Dallas Police Department. (Photo: MG Co)

Greg Willis, the district attorney for Collin County, described Alicia Calderon of Wylie’s conduct as “sadistic torture” and announced that she had been given a sentence of 75 years in prison.

What Happened?

“Calderon deceived the victim into moving in with her, and then used unimaginable pain to control her. She poured boiling water on the woman, severely burning her arms, chest, and back. In addition, she denied her food, confined her to a dog box, and blocked off her access to the outside world.

The 24 year old victim relocated to Calderon and her family’s Wylie trailer in 2019. In exchange for a free place to live, the victim agreed to keep the home tidy, look after Calderon’s kids, and take care of an elderly woman who was crippled. The living arrangement initially went smoothly, but according to Willis, things started to go south after a while.

The woman was mistreated by Calderon, who initially took her phone and later put restrictions on her access to food and the trailer. Calderon started isolating the victim from the old woman in the room since her condition had deteriorated significantly. Before she ran out of energy to care for the old woman, the victim lost more than half of her body weight.

How Did She Died?

Alicia Calderon

Source: cbs news

In order for the victim to escape, responding deputies from the Collin County Sheriff’s Office had to lift stacked stones away from the door. The victim’s body was coated with second- and third-degree burns, she weighed just sixty-eight pounds, and she had her head shaved. Deputies initially thought the old woman was dead when they discovered her inside the trailer because of how much her condition had deteriorated.

Richard Cass, an investigator with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, oversaw the investigation. The victim’s burn doctor testified about the severity of her injuries during the trial. To heal from her serious burns, the sufferer required numerous procedures, including skin grafts. The woman was hospitalized for six weeks as she recovered from her wounds and malnutrition. She discussed her trauma during the trial.

According to testimony from the investigator Joshua Duncan, the funds were spent on new tire rims, a party rental business, and tattoo parlors. The jury was also advised by the prosecution that Calderon had previously been detained in Dallas County for robbery but had been found guilty of the lower included felony of misdemeanor theft in 2015.

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