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Safer Kentucky Act Law Allowing Homeowners to Use Force Against Homeless

Oklahoma City Plans to Ticket People Who Are Experiencing Homelessness. (PHOTO: The Messenger)

The “Safer Kentucky Act” is being criticized by more people in Kentucky.

Safer Kentucky Act Law Allowing Homeowners to Use Force Against Homeless. (PHOTO: google)

According to MSN,  lot of people in Kentucky are interested in HB5, which stands for “Safer Kentucky Act.” Its purpose is to improve things by making some actions harder. But some parts of the rule are making things very hard for people. People who own their own homes can hurt homeless people physically if they think it’s necessary. Some Democrats, like State Reps. Nima Kulkarni and Keturah Herron, aren’t sure that the law will really help fix the problems that make people homeless. They also think that putting more people in jail might make things worse.

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The Safer Kentucky Act made Democrats worry that poor people would get into trouble.

The Safer Kentucky Act is not supported by powerful Democrats such as State Reps. Nima Kulkarni and Keturah Herron. People say that poor people will break the law more often, which could make things worse for them. There was a meeting where they asked for proof that the law would work. The guy in charge couldn’t give any good proof. Some people have said bad things about the Safer Kentucky Act, but Republicans in Kentucky, led by State Rep. Jared Bauman, still back it. They believe it will make people more responsible and lower the crime rate across the state. The disagreement shows that people have different ideas about the law. A lot of people want to know how to stay safe and why bad things happen.

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