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San Jose Man Gets Life Term for Killing Willow Glen Clerk

Tragedy Strikes Willow Glen: 20-Year-Old Gets Life Sentence for Killing Safeway Clerk.

Man sentenced in deadly shooting of San Jose Safeway employee. (PHOTO: NBC Bay Area)

A crime report of The Mercury News, at a Willow Glen Safeway, where Tevita Tuakalau, 20, was given a 25 years-to-life sentence for shooting and killing Manny Huizar, 24. The trouble started when Huizar tried stopping Tuakalau from taking a bottle of liquor. Tuakalau, who admitted guilt for first-degree murder, got extra time for using a gun. However, a harsher punishment was turned down by Judge Nona Klippen. The clash ended with Huizar being shot, and Tuakalau fleeing, hurting another Safeway worker along the way.

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Heartfelt Moments in Court: Families Grapple with Grief and Forgiveness

In the courtroom, strong feelings came out from both Tuakalau’s and Huizar’s families. Guillermo Huizar, Manny’s older brother, felt for Tuakalau’s family but shared the deep pain and anger from losing his brother. Forgiving was tough, even with apologies from Tuakalau’s family. Guillermo said only time might bring some healing, revealing that the emotional journey remains complex.

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Hoping for Better Days: Families Share Emotions After Sentencing

After the court session, both families exchanged words and hugs. Guillermo, overwhelmed with emotion, hoped time might change things. Even though forgiveness seemed distant, he expressed openness to a different future encounter with Tuakalau’s family. As the families left, Guillermo acknowledged the ongoing struggle with their profound loss and the potential for understanding in the days to come.

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