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Save $50 on Energy Bills with a Simple Stove Adjustment – Just Match Your Cookware Size!

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Using the right-sized pots and pans on your stove can have a big impact on your efforts to reduce your energy costs.

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Matching Cookware Sizes for 40% Energy Savings on Your Stove

Using the incorrect size pan can result in squandering as much as 40% of the heat generated by the stove, which can have a big effect on your electricity costs. Saving money is crucial because the stove and oven account for 13% of your electricity costs.

Match your cookware and burner size for a small but significant impact. Since you waste energy, using a pan or pot smaller than the burner may raise your electricity cost. When using a six-inch pan on an eight-inch burner, over 40% of an electric cooktop’s heat is squandered.

Besides changing your cooking habits, there are additional kitchen ways to save electricity. Preheating the oven isn’t always essential and wastes energy. Heating just when needed can cut your energy bill by 10%. Preheating is important for pizza and products, but not for vegetables, meats, and casseroles.

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Get More Savings on Refrigerator Maintenance

Refrigerator maintenance is important because it accounts for 20% of your electric cost. Regularly cleaning the condenser coils, which distribute heat as refrigerant goes through, can boost refrigerator efficiency by 30%.

These basic changes, including using the right-sized cookware and managing appliance usage, can reduce your energy expenditures over time.

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