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Scandal Unfolds as Colorado Town’s Papers Vanish Amid Police Chief’s Home Rape Allegations

Photo from Arab News

After publishing a piece about rape, a small-town Colorado newspaper was almost completely robbed. The Associated Press reported that the Ouray County Plaindealer reported a sexual assault at an underage drinking party at the police chief’s residence while he slept.

Photo from KTNV

Stolen Edition Sparks Outpour of Community Support for Local Newspaper’s Unyielding Commitment to Press Freedom

On social media, co-publisher Mike Wiggins expressed dismay that the stolen newspapers coincided with an edition of the controversial piece. Wiggins said the paper would find the thieves and prepare for another press run.

This stolen story, posted online, included felony sexual assault allegations against three young men, including a police chief’s relative. It happened in May 2023 with drugs and booze. The complaining party is 17; the accused are 17, 18, and 19.

The Ouray County Plaindealer thanked the community for its outstanding support after the incident. Despite the defeat, the publication pledged to defend journalistic freedom and the First Amendment. The stolen documents were quickly restored, boosting interest in the theft report.

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Suspect Identified, Confesses, and Raises Questions on Press Freedom

The publication stated that local police had identified and cited a suspect. They didn’t identify the suspect until charges were filed. The suspect confessed after returning a garbage bag of stolen newspapers to the Plaindealer. Respecting law enforcement’s request, the publication withheld details until the inquiry was complete.

The newspaper theft suspect is unrelated to the sexual assault defendants, which is important. As the article noted, there is no relationship between law enforcement, including the Ouray Police Chief and his department.

The incident shows the newspaper’s perseverance, community support for press freedom, and commitment to spreading vital information despite threats. The events continue to catch local attention, highlighting the value of a free press in informing communities.

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