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SFPD Seize Suspect 24-014 in Organized Retail Crime Crackdown – Fight Against Shoplifting Rings Intensifies!

San Francisco Police Respond to Organized Retail Crime

SFPD Seize Suspect 24-014 in Organized Retail Crime Crackdown . (PHOTO: Los Angeles Times)

Collaborative Efforts Lead to Duree’s Arrest in Hawaii

On January 29, 2024, San Francisco Police responded to a theft at a mall. Two women stole things and ran away. One of them is Denayaha Duree had done this before and was known to the police. They found out she had gone to Hawaii. The police worked with other groups like the US Marshals. They found Duree in Hawaii and arrested her. Even though Duree was caught they’re still looking into the case – San Francisco Police reported.

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Pursuing Justice for Organized Retail Crime

After Denayaha Duree’s arrest in Hawaii, the investigation into organized retail crime continued. Police looked into other thefts she might have been involved in and if she had accomplices. The detectives reviewed surveillance footage, interviewed witnesses, and analyzed evidence to build a stronger case against Duree and any potential associates. They worked closely with prosecutors to determine the appropriate charges and ensure a thorough legal process. The investigation aimed to uncover the full extent of Duree’s criminal activities and bring all responsible parties to justice.

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