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Shooting Spree Suspect Seen By A Texas Father Breaking Into His Home Via Home Surveillance System

Texas father watched shooting spree suspect break into his home via live feed (Photo: integratedaccesssecurity)

A Texas father watched the suspect in a shooting spree break into his house via his home surveillance system and called 911 for help, according to affidavit.

Shooting spree incident in two Texas cities (Photo: pnwdia)

Texas Father Watched Shooting Spree Suspect Break Into His Home

SOURCE– A Texas father reportedly watched on his home surveillance system how the shooting spree suspect Shane James broke into his home, according to a probable cause affidavit.

In the affidavit, the Texas father called 911, reporting that someone had broken into his house in Austral Loop in the city’s southwest. The father called 911 after watching a live feed of his home surveillance system showing the shooting spree suspect breaking into his home.

The detectives arrived at the scene on Austral Loop and confronted Shane James, the shooting spree suspect, who then fired numerous times, hitting one of the detectives before stealing a car from the home and fleeing.

Inside the home, a woman and her daughter with special needs were found lifeless. They were only the two out of six people that the shooting spree suspect, Shane James, killed during a day-long shooting spree across two Texas cities on the fifth of December.

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Suspect Shane James Charged With Capital Murder Following Day-Long Shooting Spree

According to CBS News, the shooting spree suspect was arrested after crashing during a police pursuit. The 34-year-old Shane James Jr. has been charged with capital murder in the wake of the December 5th shooting spree, killing six people in the process.

Shooting spree suspect Shane James is detained at the Travis County Jail in Austin. Just days after being detained, the shooting spree suspect tried to escape from prison but was fortunately unsuccessful. Kristen Dark, the county sheriff’s spokesperson, said that the jail is a secure facility, and the shooting spree suspect wouldn’t have been able to escape the building.

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