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Since The Publishing Of The Mug Image, The Trump Campaign Claims To Have Raised $7 Million

crime rate for Atlanta GA
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The mug image of former president Donald Trump appears to have increased donations to his 2024 campaign.

The former president was arrested on 13 felony counts relating to an alleged plot to rig the Georgia presidential election, according to a representative for Trump’s campaign, and since his mug image was made public Thursday night.

The spokeswoman claimed that Saturday was the campaign’s highest-earning day, with $4.18 million alone raised throughout that day.

The Funding Total Was Initially Reported By Politico

Within two hours of Trump’s release from jail, his joint fundraising committee began selling goods bearing the mug image as a way for the campaign to profit from it. Trump also posted the booking photo and a donation link to X, formerly known as Twitter. Trump had not written on the social media site in more than two years until he did so.

The representative claimed that “organic money has skyrocketed,” particularly after President Trump tweeted the image and website.

Trump was also indicted on unrelated charges in relation to his alleged attempts to alter the 2020 election, according to the spokeswoman, who added that the campaign raised “close to $20 million” in the most recent three weeks.

First Hearing Un Georgia Election Case Set For Monday

Donald Trump

Source: ABC news

According to former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who is challenging Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. Christie was one of only two candidates to pledge during the Wednesday debate to stop supporting the former president if he is found guilty of a crime.

In terms of the continued grift, Christie said on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, “There’s almost nothing that he could do anymore that would surprise me.” To pay for his legal expenses, Donald Trump may choose to sell one of his golf properties or his residence in Trump Tower. Instead, he uses the $100 average donations from supporters who want to see him win the presidency of the United States again to pay for his legal expenses. It’s immoral and unethical.

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