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Six People Died In A Tragic House Fire, And Three People’s Remains—Including The Suspected Gunman, Canh Le

The suspect who is suspected of shooting a child and then dying in an East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, house fire has been named as Canh Le. Among the victims whose remains have been pulled from the blazing house was the alleged gunman.

What Happened?

Three bodies were found by police, despite reports of six deaths.Note to readers: There are references to gun violence in this essay. The reader is cautioned to use caution.

One of the bodies, aside from Canh Lee, appeared to be that of a youngster. On Wednesday, February 7, 2024, in the afternoon, the occurrence took place. Authorities are investigating the matter and searching for additional proof.

The incident started on Wednesday when someone reported a shooting at a home on 58 Lewis Avenue to 911. Canh Le, 43, was identified as the shooter by his mother Chin Le. Chin reported to Action News that she overheard Canh and his 13-year-old niece fighting verbally.

No Mental Health Issues

Canh Le


She added that she became worried after hearing the supposed shooter grab a gun. At that point, her husband dialed 911.The old woman went on to say that she had no idea how or why her son acquired a gun. Furthermore, she mentioned that Canh had no prior history of mental health problems.

Officers claim that the fire in the house was started by someone inside. The reason of the devastating fire that claimed so many lives at once remained a mystery. After the fire, officers were conducting an investigation when they found a gun inside the house.

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