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SNAP Food Benefits Won’t Immediately Be Affected By The Government Shutdown—WIC Benefits On The Other Hand Is Another Story

SNAP food benefits (Photo: mdfoodbank)

The looming government shutdown is expected to jeopardize WIC benefits; almost 7 million beneficiaries would be affected by this. The SNAP Food Benefits recipient won’t immediately feel the effect of the government shutdown, as SNAP Food Benefits can still operate for up to a month.

WIC benefits (Photo: blogspot)

How Will The Government Shutdown Affect SNAP Food Benefits And WIC Benefits?

SOURCE– Funding for nutrition and welfare programs such as the SNAP food benefits, and WIC benefits will be cut off if the government shutdown happens.

The government shutdown will happen unless the federal funding for the next year is approved by Congress and signed by the President. The government shutdown will inevitably affect the beneficiaries of SNAP food benefits and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) benefits, no doubt.

One of the nutrition programs that would be greatly affected by the government shutdown is WIC Benefits. Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, said previously that his agency lacks funding to keep the WIC benefits open. If the shutdown happens, at least 7 million beneficiaries would be affected.

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SNAP Food Benefits Can Still Operate For Up To A Month If The Government Shutdown Occurs

Unlike WIC benefits, SNAP food benefits recipients can still lean on them if the looming government shutdown happens. SNAP food benefits could remain open for up to a month if there’s a shutdown. According to the Food Research & Action Center, there is $6 billion in SNAP food benefits contingency reserve funding carrying into the 2024 fiscal year.

According to the reports from CNN, aside from SNAP food benefits and WIC benefits, during a government shutdown, food banks and Meals on Wheels programs could also see disturbances in orders, deliveries, and more.

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