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Social Media Manipulation Propaganda Of The Chinese Communist Party Could Disrupt Democratic Societies


The ongoing social media manipulation of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will potentially damage democratic societies. The US Intelligence Community predicts that the malign use of digital information will definitely outpace efforts to protect digital freedom. 

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Social Media Manipulation Will Limit Global Digital Freedom

In the past few years, social media manipulation has become more prominent to the point that it is predicted to damage the democratic societies in the near future. This social media manipulation could lead to the possibility of a limited digital freedom if it continues to flourish all across the globe.

From the article The Rand Blog, The Chinese Communist Party or the CCP has been active in social media manipulation since 2019.

This Social Media Manipulation by the CCP are exploiting political polarization and other issues that will lead to the support of their power agenda.

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Multiple Investigations Proved That Pro-Beijing Forces Are Carrying Out Global Social Media Manipulation

Multiple investigations where fake accounts were taken down demonstrates that a wide range of social media manipulation is being carried out by Pro-Beijing forces.

According to The Diplomat, these Pro-Beijing forces are also constantly changing and adapting their techniques in social media manipulation to maximize its efficacy.

In one of the research published in May by the Oxford Internet Institute and the Associated Press, 26,879 Twitter accounts magnified posts from Chinese diplomats or official media nearly 200,000 times before being removed by the platform for breaking rules forbidding manipulation.

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