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Social Security: This Is How Much Benefits The Average Retiree Gets & The Ways To Beat It

For a lot of elderly people, Social Security may make or break retirement. Millions of seniors depend heavily on their advantages to make ends meet as costs rise and saving enough for a decent retirement becomes increasingly challenging. However, Social Security pays out less than you might anticipate to the average retired worker, and your actual payments may be even smaller depending on when you apply for benefits. This is the precise amount of benefits that the typical retired worker receives, broken down by age. And there are some concrete actions you may consider right now to try and beat these numbers.

The Age-Specific Average Social Security Payment

The duration of your employment, your past earnings, and the age at which you start claiming are some of the variables that determine how much benefit you will receive. You must wait until you reach your FRA (full retirement age) to file to get the full benefit amount to which your work record entitles you. Your FRA will vary according to the year of your birth, but for those born in the year 1960 or later, it is age 67. A permanent reduction of up to 30% will be applied to your benefit if you register as soon as feasible, at age 62. If, however, you wait until you are 70 years old to file, you will receive your whole benefit amount in addition to a monthly bonus of 24% to 32%.

As of 2022 end, the average monthly Social Security income for all retired workers was approximately $1,908, according to the most recent figures. However, when the average benefit was broken down by age, there was quite a lot of variety. The average monthly payout for retired workers who filed claims at age 62 was a meager $1,288. The average monthly payment was approximately $2,400 at age 67 and $3,065 at age 70. Even though filing at age 62 can significantly lower your monthly payouts, it’s the most common time to file. Approximately 35 percent of males and forty percent of women apply at that age, according to a Bipartisan Policy Centre survey from 2020. However, only about 5% of women and men decide to start receiving benefits after turning 70.

How To Outperform The Typical Advantage

Delaying claiming may be the simplest approach to get your monthly payments increased. Once more, filing after the age of 70 will increase your benefit amount by an additional 24% to 32% monthly. That can add up to a few hundred dollars extra a month in certain circumstances. However, delaying payments isn’t your only choice. A few other methods to make your checks bigger are as follows:

Work for at least 35 years: Your benefit is determined by the SSA averaging your wages over the 35 years that have produced the highest income for you. The amount you will receive at your FRA is the outcome of applying a calculation to that figure to account for inflation. Zeros will be included in your average if you did not work for the full 35 years before filing, which will lower your payments.
Increasing your income will provide you with a larger benefit, but only to the extent that it depends on your career earnings. The highest income that is liable for Social Security taxes is known as the maximum taxable income limit; the closer you approach this ceiling, the more you will receive each month. To take into consideration inflation, this cap is adjusted annually; in 2024, it is $168,600.

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