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Social Security Update: Average Benefits For Both Men & Women Aged 62 To 70

Retirement payments, according to the Social Security Administration, usually replace roughly 40% of pre-retirement income; however, the exact amount paid out varies on several factors. Both active and retired workers can benefit more from an understanding of those factors. Continue reading to find out how much the typical Social Security payment is for retired women and men ages 62 to 70, as well as how the payout is affected by work history, age of claim, and lifetime earnings.

All year long, the SSA (Social Security Administration) releases beneficiary data that has been anonymized. By doing this, you can promote openness and give the general public insightful information that can assist in retirement planning. For example, the mean Social Security payment paid to various beneficiary types at various ages is reported in a biannual report. Retirement benefits from Social Security are based on a person’s age upon claim, employment history, and lifetime earnings. The way those three variables interact is explained by the two-step procedure that is outlined below.

How Is Social Security Determined?

Step 1: To calculate the main insurance amount (PIA), earnings via the 35 highest-paid periods of employment are fed into the Social Security payment algorithm. If an employee claims Social Security during full retirement age (FRA), they will get the Principal Item Award (PIA).
Step 2: Retirement dates are taken into account when adjusting the PIA. Employees who file for Social Security before the funding authority (FRA) will get under one hundred percent of their PIA since their payment will be lowered by a predefined percentage. However, employees who wait past FRA to claim Social Security will receive a benefit increase of a fixed amount, meaning they will receive over one hundred percent of their PIA.

There are two crucial prerequisites. First, retirees cannot claim Social Security sooner than age 62, as this is the age at which they become eligible for retirement payments. Second, retirees shouldn’t ever claim Social Security later than age 70 since postponed retirement credits stop accruing at that age. Using the three points of discussion from the previous section which I’ve reiterated below we can now balance that two-step process: At every age, the typical man received a higher retired-worker payout than the average woman. For the sake of both men and women, the average benefit of a retired worker was lowest at age 62. At age 70, the average benefit for retired workers peaked for both men as well as women.

Future Retirement Benefits

If workers make sure they stay in the working for at least 35 years, maximize their wages while in the workforce, and postpone Social Security until they are 70 years old, they can significantly improve their future retirement benefits. The retiring worker receives the same tips. Every year, the SSA (Social Security Administration) examines work records and recalculates benefits for current beneficiaries whose new earnings fall into the top 35 years of earnings. To accrue delayed retirement credits, current recipients may also be qualified to revoke a claim determination or suspend benefits. A greater benefit could arise from any of those suggestions.

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