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Some State Lawmakers Still Want To Enact A Plan To Increase Financing For Teachers And School Even After School Choice Was Defeated

Starting Salary for Recent Law School Grads Soars to $150,000; Reaches 6.3% Surge (Photo: BuzzFeed)
Starting Salary for Recent Law School Grads Soars to $150,000; Reaches 6.3% Surge (Photo: BuzzFeed)

After the Texas House voted last Friday to remove public subsidies for students to attend private schools from a comprehensive package that would have also increased money for school districts and teacher pay hikes, the fourth special session has come to a stalemate in the legislative process.

Increase In Funding

Legislators who are Democratic and the 21 Republicans who voted against the state-funded education savings accounts, or ESAs, nevertheless support increasing funding for educators and schools.

The House ought to approve Senate Bill 2, which increases funding for educators and schools, according to Democratic state senator Royce West of Dallas, who spoke with CBS News Texas. “I believe they ought to pass it, and I believe it.

Governor Greg Abbott issued a warning to legislators over two weeks ago, stating that he would veto any bill that included ESAs and call for a fifth special session of lawmakers next month, as well as extra sessions if needed.

Payments Are Increased


Source- MARCA

Senator West stated that if it occurs, lawmakers had to be ready. “Obviously, the governor has a right to continue to push this, but we also have the right as legislators to make certain we use every political parliamentary procedure that we can to if we have the ability to do a workaround, override a veto, then that’s what we should do.”

The Senate approved the legislation on November 9th, 27-1, increasing the state’s payment to school districts per student from $6,160 to $6,235, a $75 increase. Additionally, educators in districts with more than 5,000 pupils would get an additional $3,000.

An additional $10,000 would be given to instructors in districts with 5,000 pupils or less. The measure states that the pay hikes for instructors will continue due to the increased financing.

This measure has not yet been heard by or given any consideration by a House committee. On Monday, lawmakers will reconvene in the Capitol.

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