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South Carolina Woman Susan Smith Says She’d Be A ‘Good Stepmom’ As Her First Parole Hearing Approaches

South Carolina Woman Susan Smith (Photo: News Yahoo)

Susan Smith, a South Carolina woman who was jailed for killing her two boys, is now preparing for her first parole hearing.

Michael Daniel Smith, 3 years old, and his 14-month-old brother Alexander Tyler Smith (Photo: Fox News)

South Carolina Woman Susan Smith Says She Can See Herself Around Kids

SOURCE– Susan Smith, the South Carolina woman who was convicted on two counts of murder in the deaths of her own children, is preparing for her first parole hearing. The South Carolina woman told one of her suitors that she would be a “good stepmom.”

In a recorded jailhouse phone call, the 52-year-old South Carolina woman, Susan Smith, also told her admirer last month that she could see herself around kids.

In the recorded phone call of South Carolina woman Susan Smith, the suitor was heard replying, “You’d be great, babe.”

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The First Parole Hearing Of South Carolina Woman Susan Smith Is Scheduled On November 4, 2024

According to True Crime Wire, the South Carolina woman was eligible for parole, which raised concerns and caused outrage. After killing her own children, many firmly believe that the South Carolina woman should not be granted parole.

The scheduled first parole hearing for South Carolina woman Susan Smith is on November 4, 2024. Susan Smith plans to request her release. Meanwhile, her former husband, David Smith, intends to oppose her release. David Smith said that he still thinks about his boys every day and believes that his ex-wife, Susan, belongs in prison.

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